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Simplify | Eliminate | Substitute | Solution

“Proactive, Adaptable, Innovative with Unwavering Passion”


Specialist area of Eco Group. This division takes on ambitious problems and is tasked with finding, adopting or resolving difficulties in processes within a business.

Every business struggles with change no matter how big or small. Every business deals with the “We’ve always done it this way” attitude. That is no longer the way to function as a business.

Businesses needs to be nimble, adaptable and changeable to keep up with the modern world. Change happens fast so without the flexibility to adapt and the willingness to change, being left behind is a very strong reality.

The biggest hurdle is recognising that change is needed and finding the people strong enough to manage change in a respectful way. Knowing where to look, what needs changed and what to implement is the key to change management.

This service is usually adopted by ECO Groups existing clientele, where trust and relationship already exist, this is when the value really kicks in.


WHY do Eco get consultancy opportunities? TRUST
HOW do we provide that advice? HONESTLY
WHAT do we do? ADD VALUE
What we do says who we are. If we don’t believe what we are telling a client, a client is not going to believe in us. We apply advice as if we were in the client’s shoes. To really make a difference you must understand.

1. The lead up to the discussion or the opportunity, why are we having the conversation?
2. What does the client want to change or achieve?
3. What is the benefits and what are the Goals?
4. What are the blockers and hurdles, is it people, company politics, money, strategy, outside influence?
5. How do we plan, is it in phases or is it a complete rollout?
6. What is the approach and what does change mean?
7. How do we communicate and consult any change and when?
8. Timelines?
9. Implementation