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Simplify | Eliminate | Substitute | Solution

“Proactive, Adaptable, Innovative with Unwavering Passion”

ECO Genics Who Are We

Team ECO strives to enrich our own business, Our people and our client’s businesses. Team ECO lead by example and what we do says who we are.

People have differences, embracing differences and learning from others is essential for our growth. Different Backgrounds and perspectives lead us to keep asking questions of ourselves. Good is not enough, we need to be excellent.

We encourage debate, we do not fear failure, we embrace ideas and we encourage learning. Not trying is not an option.

ECO aims to ensure our People are caring and passionate about themselves, the business and everyone around them. Passion creates trust, Trust creates relationships and Relationships create permanence. Permanence ensures Security of Supply. Security of Supply is essential.
Everything above means nothing unless we help each other. Support and Structure is a key element.

We retain control of our services because we use our own people. We can offer turnkey solutions from start to finish. Taking pain out our client’s life is the goal. Eco operate efficiently via Geo Tagging, Live Tracking and Cloud Based managing system that enables our clients access to see how live projects are coming along. We also provide access to historic information Who done what when and where, How it was done and When something was completed. The future of our partnerships, collaboration and client supplier relationship is transparency. Using IOT technologies to enable customer centric portal access to your secure information.

When we do Sub-Contract, our suppliers are strictly vetted and must adopt our Geo Tagged Management tool. Maintaining central control.

Everything is recorded. It doesn’t matter if it is Dry Ice Cleaning, Dry Ice Supply, Fit Out, Furniture, Mobiles, Landlines, Training, Qualifications, Process Solutions. Our systems are designed to maintain traceability and flexibility

Looking for and Investing in the latest technology is essential to keep ECO ahead of the game. We are with you.

Team ECO

Team eco is made of different people from different backgrounds. Everyone has different skills and different approaches. WE do have commonalities, We Care, We’re Passionate, Client Minded, Honest, Not Afraid of Failure. We strive for consistency and we all want to learn and be better. We look out for each other and we look out for our clients. Our passion is to make a difference. It’s rare but we’re not perfect, let’s be honest who is!! That’s when you see the real value in a business, and why strong relationships with our clients and suppliers are vital.