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Horizon runs on Gamma’s business-only voice and data network. Most providers share their network load between consumer and business traffic, meaning that the performance of the network can decline and cause connectivity issues which affect hosted telephony. Gamma provides business-first connectivity with lines being dedicated to businesses only and prioritising this traffic. This benefits our customers with reliably faster speeds and a more stable network for telephony to run through.

Gamma’s award-winning fully hosted Horizon VoIP solution offers a complete business communications system which has excellent quality, due to the underlying network infrastructure. It also provides an easy-to-use web interface to enable users to manage calls remotely from their browser: re-routing calls internally or to mobile, placing diverts, adding call queues and monitoring the activity via detailed reports. This enables your business to provide a seamless customer service experience.

Recommendation: Ideal for any sized business, particularly those that have multiple sites working together.
• Premium handsets plus desktop and mobile clients
• Web portal
• Gamma IP network and Broadsoft call controller platform
• Rich features
• Price flexibility