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Welcome to Eco Genics

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Why Team Eco?

WHY choose the ECO experience? Eco are quite simply put the circle of solutions. We know why our organization exists and why its developed into a such a diverse offering. Our purpose throughout Eco is designed to make life easier for our clients, take all the pain away and keep things simple. Eco has created a diverse brand offering, capable of delivering a client’s requirements on multiple fronts. One phone call, One place of responsibility with multiple solutions. Constantly evolving to meet the client and market needs. The Flexibility and the will to Adapt with our Clients is a key driver of the Company and its Ethos. ECO is your ultimate integration tool.

HOW do we integrate and embed our services with our clients and how does the diversity of our offerings benefit them?
Usually happens when a client is seeking one service. Proving that service is paramount to the ethos of the company. ECO’s aim is always first and foremost to establish a trusting relationship built on understanding and consistent deliverability of our services. Relationship and Understanding are the HOW we work as a Company. Once our clients trust and understand us, That’s when the cross company offerings come into play, This is generally when our clients look to ECO to take other problems off their hands.

WHAT do the ECO Group DO?
Offerings Include but not limited to:
Industrial Dry Ice Cleaning and Specialist Solutions, Dry Ice Manufacturing and Supply, SQA Accreditation, Qualifications and Training, Complete Communication Solutions and Workspace Architectural Interior Design, Interior and Fit Out Solutions.

Eco Process Consultancy

Process Solutions a service that crosses all aspects of the ECO Groups offerings. We offer advice, support and consultancy, usually looking at non-core issues within a business or a process. The successful development of the ECO Group and its diverse range of services is based upon a proven track record of Advice, Help and Action. Anyone can supply a product BUT not everyone can supply the correct solution. ECO Process Solutions is imbedded into every offering we do. ECO sell a solution not a product.

ECO Process: The COMPANY sits as unique home of outsourced problems for our clients. This is a specialised division of the company that takes over operations of non-core areas on behalf of our clients. ECO Process ultimately become the facilitation service, where we take on the responsibility and provide the solution.