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Nuclear Industry Cleaning

Are you in the Nuclear Industry and have machinery or equipment that needs cleaning?
The Nuclear Industry can benefit so much from the utilization of Dry Ice Blasting due the nature of the process and primarily in respect of the tremendous savings in waste disposal costs that can be achieved.
By utilizing Dry Ice Blasting you can remove the radioactive build up of dirt, oil and other contaminants such as paint and unlike other methods of blasting such as Sand or Grit, Dry Ice Blasting produces no secondary waste. Traditional methods only add radioactive waste which can mean huge costs in the removal of hazardous material.
Dry ice is a bi-product of industrial processes. Eco-Genics only use Co2 that is reclaimed so it does not produce or add Co2 to the atmosphere and therefore it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect making the process of Eco-Genics Dry Ice Blasting completely environmentally friendly.

To learn more about our Dry Ice Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting for Nuclear businesses contact us at Eco-Genics