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 Eco-Genics Dry Ice Solutions

Eco-Genics are developing 2 new websites that will be ready soon. The 1st website is to update the format of our current and the 2nd website will be for our dry ice clients The current website will be active as long as possible. Look out for the new Ice Cool websites soon.
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Food Processing Industry Cleaning

Are you in the Food Processing Industry and have machinery or equipment that needs cleaning?
Eco-Genics Ltd understand that everyday in the food industry you are in constantly battling to deal with the tough challenge of maintaining hygiene standards and cleanliness. Eco-Genics provide a service that we believe is second to none in this sector.
Dry Ice Blasting can be utilized and its benefits felt in so many areas of the food and beverage industry.
Do you have stubborn areas that require a solution:Dry Ice Blasted Industrial Oven Band Before 

To learn more about our Dry Ice Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting for Food Processing businesses contact us at Eco-Genics