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 Eco-Genics Dry Ice Solutions

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Dry Ice Cleaning Process

  1. Energy Transfer
Dry ice pellets are propelled out of the blasting gun at a very high speed. Upon impact with the surface, the energy transfer knocks off the contaminant without abrasion. This is the primary means of contaminant removal
    2.   Micro-Thermal Shock
The cold temperature of the dry ice pellets (-79 C) hitting the contaminant creates a micro-thermal shock between the surface contaminant and the substrate. Subsequent cracking and delaminating of the contaminant furthers the elimination process.
    3.   Gas Pressure
In the final phase of the process, the pellet expands on impact. As the pellet warms, it converts to a harmless gas, which expands rapidly beneath the contaminant surface. This forces the contaminant off from underneath. The contaminant is then relocated, typically falling to the ground. Since the CO2 sublimates instantly, only the contaminant is left for disposal.