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Eco-Genics are developing 2 new websites that will be ready soon. The 1st website is to update the format of our current and the 2nd website will be for our dry ice clients The current website will be active as long as possible. Look out for the new Ice Cool websites soon.
Kindest Regards "Eddie Black, MD Eco-Genics"


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9th December 2015:
Eco-Genics hold a small stock of Commercial Dehumidifiers in our workshop facility Creca Industrial Estate, Nr Annan, DG12 6RP.
Current Stock: 9th December 2015 | 10 Available
We can make these available for flood victims and up our even up the stocks if required. Usually used for various tasks we do within our service. These are brand new units with washable air filter and carbon antibacterial filter. 45lt Per Day Continuous Flow.
PD45 Dehumidifier 45lt Per Day
•45 litres* per day maximum extraction
•Environmental-friendly refrigerant: R410A
•Easy grip handle and castors for easy mobility
•2 drainage methods are available, by detachable water tank or by water tube
•Washable air filter collects dust particles
•Active carbon filter helps odour removal
•24 hours timer, humidity setting 40~70%.
•Fan speed: Low and High ( 2 speeds )
•L/day at 30C 80%RH: 45
•Power Consumption - W: 700 max
•Water Tank Capacity - L: 5
•Operating Range - +C: 5 - 35
•Fan Speed: 2
•Timer: 24 hrs
•Continuous Drainage: Yes
•Control: Electronic
•Strong ABS housing
•Refrigerant: R410A
•Compressor Type: Rotary
•1 Year Warranty
•W x H x D: 51.5 x 23.5 x 51mm
•Weight: 17KG

7th December 2015:
Flood Damage:
Christmas is coming and tragedy strikes with unprecedented rain fall. With Thousands of people evacuated in Cumbria, and businesses seriously effected it must an absolute nightmare. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.   

21st September 2015:




26th February 2015 
News for February. Eco-Genics have a had a fair old run in February with some very challenging jobs indeed. Paper, Plastic, Printing and Mould cleaning seems to be very active for us here at Eco-Genics. This has been a Record Breaking start to the year for Eco-Genics and it shows no sign of slowing down. By what I'm seeing on social media it does look as though Dry Ice Cleaning is on the up. This can only be good for us all and the industry as a whole.
The beginning of February was particular interesting with Eco-Genics acquiring a new client outwith our normal industry sectors. This is extremely exciting as it could prove to be a long-term contract that will benefit the client Nationwide and also open some new doors to the Dry Ice Cleaning Industry as a whole.  David Kay is attributed to bringing this new client on-board so my congrats goes to him as this is sure to put some fantastic foundations in place for him to grow and expand. Visit David's website by clicking here

22nd January 2015 

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15th January 2015
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The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

15th January 2015
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

17th December 2014 
Eco-Genics wish all our Staff, Clients, Customers and Suppliers a very Merry Festive and all the best for 2015
Don't be looking for cards in the post as we have decided to donate to a very worthwhile cause

7th November 2014
First sneaky peak at the new blasting system that has been carefully designed and developed by Eco-Genics. First phase of testing is complete and the results have been fantastic. 21st Century Dry Ice Blasting Systems Designed & Developed by Eco-Genics
Eco-Genics have taken the steps
to bring together all its experience
by designing and developing the
next generation of blasting units
that will provide direct and enhanced
air delivery, which will maximise
cleaning performance. This is a unit
designed by the industry | for the
Industry. Eco-Genics take innovation
seriously and are at the forefront
when it comes to setting the benchmark
for others to follow.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

7th November 2014 
Eco-Genics see 35% rise in dry ice sales in just 2 weeks. Scottish customers seem to be seeking a more efficient and customer friendly service. Eco-Genics seem to be the go to company. Our services have been put to the test with some very short notice demands. The team has pulled through with a 100% delivery achievement record.
Eco-Genics is a solution based Company with the highest regard for customer service. Millions of £££££'s can be at risk if a dry ice supplier does not deliver Dry Ice when they say they will. In extreme circumstances poor supply could mean someone's life is at risk.
Customer service and building relationships with customers is the ultimate in all aspects of the Eco-Genics Group. We want clients to be in a position where they have a resounding confidence that when Eco-Genics say they will do something, that they deliver.
For all your Dry Ice needs please click here
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

27th October 2014 
Eco-Genics Dry Ice Blasting Services are highly sought after. The enquiries this month have been fantastic with some great opportunities available to us. Business is looking very good for the rest of the year with new contracts and with ever expanding existing contracts. Dry Ice Aberdeen is going from strength to strength, David Kay and the team have been doing a fantastic job on various projects. Adding real value to there clients, often going beyond the call of duty ensuring maximum results.
Dry Ice Blasting and related services seem to be on the up with a general upturn across the industry. Eco-Genics services are ever shifting with clients asking us to take charge of varying array of services. Eco-Genics is living up the slogan of ice cool industrial solutions. Eco-Genics are now providing integrated services to existing customers at there request. The ultimate one stop shop for industrial solutions.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

Eco-Genics receive Scotland's most Innovative Business Honour 2014

Scotlands Most Innovative Business

Managing Director Eddie Black receives the award from Loose Womens 'Kay Adams'
Event held at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh
Sponsored By: Virgin Atlantic
Entertainment: Fred Macauly
 Contact Eco-Genics to see how Scotlands Most Innovative Company can add value to your business or Company
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

September 2014
Scottish Business Honours 2014
Eco-Genics are delighted to post our most recent achievements.
On Thursday the 11th September, Eco-Genics was at the Prestigious Scottish Business Honours 2014 where the company was a finalist in 3 categories:-
The awards ceremony was a fabulously run event [Scottish Chamber Commerce] in an extremely beautiful venue [Prestonfield House, Edinburgh]. The event ceremony was a showcase of the best of Scottish Businesses.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Eco-Genics staff for their hard work and dedication and all our clients for their continued support and trust in Eco-Genics and its services.
Winning awards is recognition for all the hard work, as everyone knows in Business it is very hard to maintain consistency. This is testament to the quality we have been able to deliver quality again and again. 
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

June 2014
MD'S Monthly report has skipped a month due to there not being enough hours in the day. June has seen Eco-Genics involved with various industries including RUBBER, PAPER, PLASTIC AND FOOD.
June has been very busy with Dry Ice Sales and enquiries on the up and with the cleaning side of the business as busy as ever. Staff have had some holidays which proved very awkward in a busy spell. This has prompted a look at staffing and to see how many extra members we may require.
Eco-Genics have had some very exciting new trials within in the paper and plastics industry which proved very successful. These trials are anticipated to give us a new slant on business approaches thus opening some new doors and exciting opportunities with current customers and new potential clients.
Media coverage of Eco-Genics in the local region has been fantastic and very positive thus providing some very good exposure to the local community.
Other Exciting News: Eco-Genics new venture in the N.E of Scotland has been very positive with new possibilities coming to the fore. DIB Aberdeen trading as Eco-Genics have secured some premises, the premises are situated 1hr South of Aberdeen and 1hr North of Dundee in Montrose, the location was chosen because it has good access to the A90 North and South.
Eco-Genics are also looking at Dry Ice Production Possibilities sooner rather than later, watch this space.
Eco-Genics designed Dry Ice Blasting unit has the first prototype in production with live trials taking place over the coming weeks. The design looks good the components and delivery look even better. Everyone at Eco-Genics are keen to see the results and more over the performance. The design is radically different to anything on the market currently. To find out more Click Here 
Of all the dates on the calendar the 4th July 2014 is not a holiday as in America but instead the date when a 40ft Container arrives at our Dry Ice Production Facility. The container contains 76 brand new Dry Ice Containers. This is a massive boost for Eco-Genics even though it was a very large capital expenditure outlay,  One that is so important to enhance and increase Eco-Genics capabilities. This addition to our infrastructure will allow Eco-Genics to proactively increase dry ice sales further.
More news to come in July 2014

 Eco-Genics Dry Ice Operator Dry Ice Operator in action at Eco-Genics premises. In house trialling of delicate print mats. SUCCESS!! 

April 2014
New Monthly M.D'S Report
" April saw high demand for extrusion and print press cleaning. Power generation is also on the up with various projects being discussed. The new hub in the North East of Scotland is doing well with some very interesting developments on the horizon.
April also saw massive increase in demand from all our contracted companies, this is fabulous news and a sign that the economy is on an upward trend. Enquiries coming in from all over the world as well, even some that we may take on.
Publicity has been very good after our awards achievements so looking forward to see what opportunities present themselves from that and if we can give something back. Excellent for the area. I will post the media coverage online when its available.
April was also very interesting when a trial was cancelled in a very important industry for all Dry Ice Blasting companies. The door was nearly closed when a competing company whom I will remain anonymous, managed to damaged a very expensive piece of equipment in what can only be described as utter incompetence. Customer even deemed the process unsuitable. Anyway we I managed to recover the situation by getting the decision overturned. Our trial was successful and the process has now been approved to go to the next stage before hopefully being implemented. Turning any negative into a positive is always a bonus.
One shut down was cancelled and scheduled again in July so that allowed us to get on top of all the maintenance in house. Always very concerned about ensuring our customers are looked after, now and again its good to be able to perform a sort of shutdown period for ourselves.
Finalised the new blasting unit design on the last day of April and its now gone to the build stage. Looks the business on the outside, cannot wait to get the unit and see what the performance is like. Excited to see if all the hard work and knowledge will come good. I have every confidence that we have come up with a concept and delivery design that is unlike any other. Keep everyone posted." Eddie Black
More to come so please keep a look out

4th April 2014
On Behalf of Myself and Eco-Genics I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone concerned for their hard work and loyal dedication. The success and achievements are testament to each and every member of the team. Eco-Genics prides itself on quality of product and services, customer satisfaction and a reliable service. Maintaining all 3 qualities in any business is difficult so it is important to have a good team behind you and that is what Eco-Genics is a team and an excellent team at that.
Dry Ice Blasting was a very difficult service to sell in the early days for a number of reasons.
  1. Poor Level of Service
  2. Value for Money and extortionate Pricing
  3. Poor equipment combination choices
  4. Poor knowledge
  5. No forward thinking

Eco-Genics is a company that has changed opinions and restored faith to many of our most loyal customers. We provide a service that is Value for Money, Professional and Reliable. At Eco-Genics we listen to what a customer/client requires and then delivers. We are always adapting, Learning and improving. Our motto is: "we don't do problems only solutions."

Eco-Genics is a prime example of humble beginnings but with massive desire and ambition to become the best supplier in a very niche industry and that's exactly what Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is. The awards and the testimonials we receive from our customers that come back time after time is a result that we are doing something right.
There are many different applications and Industries to serve but to be at the cutting edge is very important and it so important for Eco-Genics to maintain its position in the market and that is at the forefront. Eco-Genics set the standards, but standards are only a platform to build of because any standard can be bettered and that's the difference between good an excellent. Everyone concerned at Eco-Genics is trying to achieve excellence.
Special thank-you to: Grant Smith (Armstrong and Watson), Amanda Hanna and Gordon Mann (D+G Chambers of Commerce), Beverley Bamford (CX Project), All The Judges, Angus Robertson (Business Gateway), Joe McCardle (Scottish Enterprise), Jim Patterson (DuPont my Entrepreneur Nominator) and all my clients who have put us where we are.

27th March 2014
Entreprenuer of the Year


Entrepreneur of the Year
As you have seen from the film clips the quality of applicants was very high-however the winner started the business from a very humble beginning and has built it up over the years to what is now a growing successful business. The winner employs local people and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills. Trading internationally with a number of blue chip customers the winner of The Entrepreneur of the Year is Eddie Black of Eco-Genics.

27th March 2014
Rural Business Winners
Rural Enterprise Award
"The judges felt that this was an exceptional business that started with a van on a drive to a truly global international company – but one that has clearly retained its roots in the region.  The enterprise the business has shown in building an international business with local people and never being afraid to try new business models, ideas or innovations made Eco Genics a stand out entrant and exceptional winner of the Rural Enterprise Award.”

27th March 2014
Outstandin Performing Business (less than 25 employee Winners)
Outstanding performing Business (less than 25)
"There was very strong competition between all three shortlisted businesses in this category which made the judges’ job of selecting a winner very difficult.  One business, however, impressed us greatly with its outstanding drive and determination to provide an exceptional standard of service and aftercare support to its major customers across the UK and to ensuring the workforce have the right skills and attitude to differentiate the company from its competitors. Through the use of strong financial and staff management systems and carefully targeted investment in new products and service delivery across the UK, the company is looking to build on its already high quality reputation as well as substantially increase its sales and profitability levels in the future.”

21st January 2014

Dry Ice manufacturing is in full flow.

The new Dry Ice Website will be complete by February. More details to follow for more information please contact us

14th January 2014

First Dry Ice news of 2014.

What a start to the year, was thinking that we would start off slow but its been manic and I mean good manic. Christmas was absolutely frantic but we got through all our shutdown projects successfully on budget and on time. Congrats to all.

New business looks promising with several high profile surveys and meetings. Outlook looks very good indeed. Lots of work done with possibilities seem to becoming to a head thus giving Eco-Genics an excellent platform to build on for the year ahead.

Our ever loyal customers are looking to expand there requirements with us which is a very positive thing for all concerned and goes to show if you provide a high standard of safe, reliable and efficient service then there is room for growth.

The opening of our new premises and hub in the NE Scotland is in its final stages. Our new office will be run by a very exciting and forward thinking young man by the name of David Kay. Several meetings with local enterprises have shown a that there is a great need for high quality services and David is very keen to explore these. David is the successful selection from a long line of candidates and just so happens that the first region to benefit will be the Scottish East Coast. Its exciting times for us all. Eco-Genics expansion into other regions on a local level will ensure that the main hub and core of the business will not suffer, thus ensuring that we keep up the excellent services already provided and also that we support our other hubs. It is important for Eco-Genics to supply the right mentality when it comes to this industry

Eco-Genics knowledge of different industries and processes has grown and grown. Our understanding of a clients requirements is our biggest asset and we will continue to try and understand and assist our clients to realise the goals.

The vibe and atmosphere I have to say has never been more positive. Its a great feeling and we look forward to translating that positivity into results. Really looking forward to 2014 and all the projects and challenges that are posed. We will try our utmost to provide a solution for them all.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

19th December 2013

2013 has been an extremely productive and eventful year. The vast array of Dry Ice Blasting major projects that have been complete have been nothing short of amazing.

Here are a few of our major successes:

I think  that will have to do as my fingers are getting sore.

Thank you to my staff for there loyalty and hard work as you know it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all my clients its been an absolute pleasure. I look forward to working with you and supporting you for a long time. Thanks.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

9th December 2013 

Eco-Genics starting the manic Christmas Shutdown period. We could do with 25hr days to keep up. Brilliant situation and all my lads are a credit to the squad. Hard time of year for my men as they only get a couple of days for the Christmas but I'm afraid that is the nature of our work. What the customer wants the customer gets.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

18th October 2013
January 2014 will be very exciting with the announcement that EC0-GENICS new office and service hub will be opening in the N.E Scotland.
The news that is fresh is Eco-Genics after a few months of infrastructure adjustment is looking at January 2014 as the month when the new service hub will open.
Eco-Genics will be bringing its innovative and forward thinking company philosophy to a very exciting and innovative market. Eco-Genics are developing specialised blasting units and distribution kits for dry ice that will become part of a specialised cleaning service unit capable of providing services offshore.
After a recent discussion with an industry expert it was made apparent that the more specialised cleaning solutions to enable specialised cleaning applications to take place out on the Offshore platforms. Eco-Genics will use its industry leading knowledge to design solutions for a very specialised area. We will be looking initially at providing cleaning solutions to the Power Plants on the Offshore platforms including the likes of Turbines, Generators, HRSG and in situ Rotors and Stators.
The hub will allow us to work very closely with companies, it will also be a distribution point and pick up point for our high quality 3mm, 10mm and 16mm Dry Ice Pellets.
for further information please Contact us by clicking here
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

4th October 2013
With Christmas shutdowns fast approaching ECO-GENICS are starting to prepare resources for our current bookings. Dates are still available at the moment. For further information please contact 01461 500206 or Email:
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

2nd October 2013


Eco Genics will start the 3rd Dry Ice Clean like the ones described below later on this month. Preparations are under way to ensure that the success continues. Our client with ongoing trust in our service capabilities has yet again entrusted Eco-Genics to undertake this Dry Ice Cleaning Project. Projects like the ones we are about to undertake and like the ones that have gone before keep Eco-Genics at the forefront of the industry. Industrial Cleaning Solutions that you can rely on ECO-GENICS©

Please Read.............................................. If you have any requirement for Dry Ice and Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions Contact us Now.


March 2012
Eco-Genics were presented with a very extensive challenge by DuPont Teijin Films, the remit for the works were as Follows;
  1. Remove all inner Fixtures, Equipment and Components from Cooling Zone One
  2. Dry Ice Blast Clean all 22 Plenums inner and outer casings
  3. Dry Ice Blast Clean all of the fittings, Equipment and Components 
  4. Enter Upper level of the oven and Dry Ice Clean the fan housings, Fan and all associated enclosed Ducting Chambers
  5. Enter the middle level Dry Ice Blast Clean all outer Ducting Casings and and Back Flow walls and Ceiling Areas
  6. Enter The Lower Level Dry Ice Blast Clean all Walls, Ceilings, Doors and Stenter Chain Outer Casing
  7. Re-Assemble all Equipment, Fittings 
The Dry Ice Cleaning requirements were extensive and the timescales were tight. The clean is a first of its kind attempted and succeeded anywhere in the world. DuPont were trusting our expertise and advice as the production downtime and planning was extremely tight. The works described had many different challenges both logistically and access wise. The ducting's and chambers were a network, which had to be manually navigated to ensure that no surface was missed. Timescale was extremely tight to complete the clean with over 1000 square meters of surface area to be cleaned. The outside teams cleaning all the parts and fittings from the cleaning had to ensure as soon as the inner oven was cleaned that we could start assembling the already clean fittings and parts, this was done whilst the remaining oven Fittings and fixtures were cleaned to completion.
This was a project that was ear marked a number of years ago, it was trialed without success on a very small area. The project was then mothballed because the standard couldn't be achieved. It took Eco-Genics to reignite the project and convince our client that not only was it achievable with good planning and communication, that the standard of clean that would be acheived would be as new. The Project was hailed as a great success.
The Project took 13 days and from start to finish, coming in 1 day ahead of schedule and on budget. The standard of the clean is proudly displayed in our case study folder in our office along with the Commendation from the Overall Site Engineering Manager. It was described by our client as simply FIRST CLASS.


January 2013

The success of the clean in March 2013 of the line D53 gave our client the confidence to look at another line on the Plant. D52 with the same Cooling Zone causing the some problems. We were again asked to come up with a solution to the problem and because the 2 ovens are different meant different challenges. The product staining was different from the first one and the oven was also further into the factory. Liaising with our site contact a solution was agreed and we set to work. The remit was a mirror image of the one above without the upper level cleaning.
Not to repeat what has already been said the project went to plan and was on time and on budget again. The success was another massive achievement. The track Record of the cleans is something that will great benefits to our clients and the quality of there product. We are reducing their risk of the potential for cross contamination of what is high grade products.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

1st October 2013
On behalf all of us at Eco-Genics "congratulations to Paul Candlish our newest member of staff on successfully completing his initial dry ice technician training program." Eddie Black M.D.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

17th September 2013
Dry Ice and Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services in Scotland needs to be served better. The logistics to the North East of Scotland and Highlands is always a concern. Eco-Genics is looking to invest in the next few months in a couple of smaller hubs based near Aberdeen and Dundee, and also in Inverness-shire. These hubs will enhance our service. The decision has been made to locate local managers in Scotland to ensure Scotland is better served with high quality dry ice services.
Currently Eco-Genics enjoys reasonable amount of return work in the NE Scotland and Highlands and by working in the areas we know we are only scratching the surface for possibilities. Many Blue Chip Clients we already provide our services to have asked us to open local offices/Hubs to enable us to fulfil there requirements on a more regular basis. They are also well aware that we can offer increased support and knowledge on a local basis. Eco-Genics until now has always let our customers from the North of Scotland contact us but we now want to start actively pursuing future possibilities. The reason we haven't pursued the North OF Scotland is the lack of support and reliability from our suppliers in regards to deliveries, Because we now produce our own Dry Ice and do not rely on outside sources we can control and ensure that we can provide a reliable and cost efficient service.
Eco-Genics want to share its professional capabilities.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

15th September 2013
Eco-Genics will be opening a fully equipped response hub in the North East of Scotland very soon. The ever increasing amount of work is warranting opening an office to give us faster response on a local level. The hub will be supported fully from head office with resources and expertise. Watch out for newsletters and updates which will follow soon. Contact Eco-Genics for reliable and expert Dry Ice Blasting Services.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

12th September 2013
Eco-Genics applied in March 2013 to register both the company and branding with the Intellectual Property Office. After a lengthy process, Eco-Genics is now a fully certified trademark. The registration is under No. UK00002654652. This is another massive stepping stone in Eco-Genics journey to become a brand recognised for safety, quality and reliability. The branding will be displaying that magic little (t) soon!!!!!!
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

12th September  2013


It is generally accepted that French chemist, Thilorier was the first to record the appearance of solid CO2 - dry ice. In 1835 he opened a cylinder with a large amount of liquid carbon dioxide to observe it in liquid form. Enough of it evaporated to leave a solid dry ice block at the bottom of the container.

For the next 60 years it was observed in university labs but not used for any practical applications. Even today anyone can take a metal cylinder of liquid CO2 (like a CO2 fire extinguisher) open the valve and observe the escaping gas cloud with part of it turning into dry ice snow flakes.

In 1897 a patent was granted in England to Herbert Samuel Elworthy, a doctor in the British Army Medical Corps for solidification of carbon dioxide. His purpose was to make soda water to mix with his whisky. Liquid CO2 worked fine but the metal cylinder bottles were too heavy to take on excursions. A 100 pound cylinder carried only 50 pounds of CO2. He preferred to make solid dry ice for his soda water. Unfortunately the dry ice didn't last long as it sublimated into gas before it could all be used. Thereafter, few used dry ice for this patented purpose. From time to time a few doctors used dry ice to remove warts.

The first commercial use for dry ice in the United States started in 1925 by Prest Air Devices, a company formed in Long Island City, New York in 1923. Prest Air Devices made the first CO2 fire extinguisher and tried many other uses for compressed CO2 such as a tire pump, powering grease guns and making soda water in the home. Only the fire extinguisher worked well enough to successfully market. Prest Air Devices made solid dry ice for demonstration purposes, and in 1924 that they tried to sell dry ice to the railroad companies to use for cooling in place of ice. Dry ice has twice the cooling power as water ice so it would be a far more efficient. Based upon the potential rail road business a dry ice production plant was constructed in 1925. The successful Prest Air Devices were sold off and the company was incorporated as Dry Ice Corporation of America, who trademarked the name Dry Ice. They tried to patient dry ice again, but were successfully challenged and turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The first test of dry ice for railroad cars by Dry Ice Corporation was successful and by 1932 there were twelve cars insulated properly to handle dry ice. There were also about eighty cars built with mechanical refrigeration using a silica gel, and 180,000 railroad cars designed to use regular ice for refrigerated goods. The railroads invested and sometimes owned many water ice plants on their property. Unfortunately for the early dry ice producers, mechanical refrigeration won out for the railroad car business, but some railroad cars today in 2004 still use regular water ice to cool carrots shipped from California.

In the beginning of 1925 Dry Ice Corporation of America was producing dry ice without any customers. Their first customer in 1926 was Schraff's Stores - a confectionary store that sold Eskimo Pie ice cream as well as other items. Schraff's were experimenting with packaging to keep the ice-cream cold so a customer could eat it at home instead of at the store. Dry ice was the solution. Before dry ice, salt was added to water and then frozen. This colder "brine ice" would keep ice cream frozen as it was distributed to the retail stores. The melting brine ice was corrosive, wet and heavy. Dry ice became the ideal solution and by 1927 many ice cream manufacturers including Breyers Ice Cream were using Dry Ice Corporation of America's to ship and store their ice cream.

Dry Ice Corporation of America teamed up with Liquid Carbonic in 1929 to build 17 dry ice manufacturing plants across the US including Los Angeles, California. Before the plants were finished Dry Ice Corporation and Liquid Carbonic dissolved their agreement and went their separate ways becoming competitors. Birdseye Frozen Foods started in 1931 and immediately used dry ice for transporting their samples to promote their products. By 1932 with six or seven other manufacturers of dry ice, the estimated US production was 120,000,000 pounds.

Today there are thousand of dry ice producers all around the world. Many sell to the public, but many also manufacture dry ice for their own use such as Disney Land.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company
27th August

Clean Simple 250kg Dry Ice Containers

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

27th August 2013

Eco-Genics ramps up production of 3mm Dry Ice Pellets. The feedback we are receiving from our clients is very positive. Most pleasing is the high quality consistency of the Dry Ice

Like one customer said: 
"The quality and quantity of our dry ice blasting work has increased, and yet the quantity of our ice consumption has dropped".

I have to agree with that whole statement. Better quality product increases the efficiency of the cleaning, efficiency of the Dry Ice Blasting units and the big one the quality of the cleaning service. The decision to provide 250kg Dry Ice container size quantities are proving very popular with my staff and also with clients, 250kg is just about perfect for one blasting unit running 6-8hr shifts and 2x 250kg for is excellent for 10-12hr shifts. the benefits are less wastage.


The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company 

6th August 2013

Eco-Genics take delivery of new high quality dry ice shippers to deploy loose: 
         Quantities available:
5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg 

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

5th August 2013

Company Statement and Important Information:
Since launching the Eco-Genics franchise it has come to our attention via our clients and other industry sources that there are individuals/companies professing to be working for and behalf of Eco-Genics. We can categorically state that there is no company at this time or any other time sub contracting or indeed entitled to work under the Eco-Genics name. 
Successful companies like Eco-Genics will always have the threat of bogus copycats so to avoid any confusion please follow this Genuine Advice:
  • Avoid fraudsters by asking for proof of identification
  • Ask for proof of experience i.e. Testimonials/Reference
  • Ask for Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Ask what their resource capabilities are
  • As rule of thumb use the above to ensure you get a reputable company or person to supply dry ice cleaning services each and every time 
Eco-Genics welcomes genuine healthy competition as it keeps everyone on their toes. What Eco-Genics does not welcome is want to be copycats that have the potential to smear the industry as a whole with poor services and poor advice.

Please Contact Eco-Genics on 01461 500206 or 
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

6th August 2013

On behalf all of us at Eco-Genics "congratulations to Craig Aird our newest member of staff on successfully completing his initial dry ice technician training program." Eddie Black

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

29th July 2013 Achievements

  1. 41,340 kg of 3mm Dry Ice Pellets produced and delivered in July.
  2. 27 days of high quality dry ice cleaning in the rubber industry
  3. 16 days with 2 teams dry ice cleaning in the pigment industry 
  4. Carbon Fiber oven cleaning still on going 1st stage successful
  5. New user friendly 250kg containers size ready for dry ice orders
"Thank you very much to all the team, you have done me and the company proud. All the clients have expressed their thanks" Eddie Black

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

2nd July 2013
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The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

1st July 2013
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The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

31st June 2013
Eco-Genics Complete full Cosmetic Restoration of 1954 Perkins Industrial Dough Maker
Eco-Genics team success continues with the rejuvenation of a 1954 dough making machine.
Eco-Genics took on the whole project on behalf of our clients, works including Off Site Blasting and Powder Coating of all guards including sand casings and regular machinery guards. the rest of the facelift was done on site with services such as 316 Stainless cladding of the structure and blasting and repaint work of all fixed mechanical casings.
The work was requested so the 59yr old dough machine would not look out of place with a new multi million pound dough production line that's being fitted by the customer. Although the new line is state of the art, the old machine is still the main feed and is need to look and last the test of time.
Well done to the team involved
Pictures of the completed dough machine will replace these words soon so watch out.
Industrial Facelifts, always looking to increase the services and Eco-Genics repertoire. CONTACT US NOW FOR YOUR RESORATION WORK
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company
26th June 2013
Eco-Genics bespoke dry ice containers arrive.
1st Batch of Eco-Genics Dry Ice Containers Arrives
Exciting Day Eco-Genics take delivery of 1st Batch of Dry Ice Containers.
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

20th June 2013
Extrusion Screws Before&AfterEco-Genics Dry Ice Cleaning of extrusion screws
The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

14th May 2013

Eco-Genics have developed a new product the AAIB System (Aggressive Abrasive Ice-Blasting). We have completed the development stages and the process is now ready to be added to our ever increasing services. The process simply works by adding a small amount of additive into the Dry Ice Flow.
The process is extremely effective and can achieve the same results as traditional methods but with minimum waste. Our primary service is and always will be Dry Ice Blast Cleaning however a number of our clients have had requirements for an abrasive blasting service, As trusted service contractors Eco-Genics were requested to fulfill this need on behalf of our clients however initially it was not a service area that Eco-Genics was willing to explore as it was always felt that it would conflict with our whole ethos of waste reduction. 
Not wanting to let our clients down it was decided that we would develop an additional process but instead of going down the traditional abrasive blasting routes we would develop an abrasive blasting solution that did not generate anywhere near the amount of secondary waste that traditional methods of blasting produce.

For further information please click here and proceed to fill in the form ticking the AAIB service tag.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

7th May 2013

Eco-Genics have opened new offices in our new Dry Ice Production Facility. Ideally situated just 2 miles from the M74 Northbound and Southbound motorway allowing fast response and deployment for all our services

Our Main Office telephone number has changed to 01461 500206. 


The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

7th May 2013

Eco-Genics hoping you made the most of your bank holiday weekend. Another busy bank holiday Dry Ice Blasting. Eco-Genics helping clean production equipment during some anticipated and welcomed bank holiday downtime. 

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

1st May 2013

Mays month Dry Ice Blast Cleaning excitement starts with  Boats, Biscuit Factories, Tyre Manufacturers, Car Part Producers, High Profile Research and Development, Wind-farm Composite Parts Cleaning. The variants and different applications make Dry Ice Cleaning a BLAST!!! 

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

30th April 2013

Eco-Genics shipment of new look Dry Ice Containers have set sail and will be available soon. Any requirements for High Quality Dry Ice Pellets please contact 01461 500206 or

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

29th April 2013

Alongside our contracting commitments here is an overview of some of our bigger projects completed so far in 2013. 
  • Jan- 25,000 sq ft Heat Recovery Steam Generator completed 
  • Feb- First clean of the year as part of the ongoing maintenance project of 34 Cello Rollers
  • Mar- High praise to all the lads involved with a recent Cooling Zone 1 oven clean for DuPont Teijin Films D52 Line, this follows the first clean of its kind attempted last March of the sister line D53
  • April- A first for Eco-Genics was the Dry Ice Cleaning of a Carbon Fiber Production Oven, helping eradicate debris migration onto high value quality carbon fiber products.
Eco-Genics  supplying high quality professional Dry Ice Blasting  so for any further information do not hesitate to contact 01461 500206 or 

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

26th April 2013

Working with MacKay Boat Builders of Arbroath, Eco-Genics removed anti foul and prepared the inner hull of an old harbour barge set to used as an education tool and museum piece in Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life. MacKay Boat Builders are now set to continue with the restoration to bring the old girl back to its former glory. Pictures to follow....................................

22nd April 2013
Eco-Genics would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick Williams of Babcock Services and Ron Cole of IceSolve for dropping by on there visit to the UK. United efforts in the progress of the sharing and improving the Dry Ice Blasting Industry.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company

21st April 2013
Welcome to the new blog for Eco Genics. We will be keeping you up to date with all the happenings going on at Eco Genics including the Dry Ice Cleaning work we have been completing, how Dry Ice Blasting can help you to clean surfaces that you never thought could be cleaned and how we can help you to save money and improve productivity.
For more information please contact us today.

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company 

21st April 2013

Due to the success of Eco-Genics Dry Ice Blasting Services over the past few years it now looks as though 2013 is going to be a year that surpasses all others. The next step of the evolution of Eco-Genics and its future has been decided. Eco-Genics are excited to announce that we are going to begin franchising the business to strengthen our position in the UK and beyond. Offering carefully selected strategically placed franchises allowing Eco-Genics to grow a network of local offices capable of offering Eco-Genics unparalleled brand and experience. We are going to be rolling out franchise opportunities in regions throughout the UK. Our selection process is key to our success so if you think you have what it takes and are looking for a very exciting opportunity please contact 

The UK'S No.1 Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Contracting Company