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 Eco-Genics Dry Ice Solutions

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Aerospace and Aviation Industry Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions 

Eco-Genics understand that the Aviation Industry has strict guidelines to follow when it comes to cleaning applications. We also understand that the guidelines are there to ensure safety and consistency so when it comes to the introduction of a new process it is important that you pick the right company that has the professionalism to work with you to work within the strict guidelines.
The Aviation Industry a major focus point for Eco-Genics. This particular industry much like the Nuclear Industry is one where we want to remain the standard setters. Safety, Reliability and Response are our main driving forces when we apply our services. As a very specialised company we can offer solutions and facilitate resource that ensures the highest standard of results. We strive for continual improvement and working very closely with all our customers to achieve positive results.
A lot of large industry are striving to reduce there chemical and water usage. By utilising Eco-Genics services and solutions we can help companies achieve many of the reduction criteria

Aviation and Aerospace Cleaning Application Examples
Not Limited to:
  • Autoclave Cleaning
  • Component Cleaning
  • Turbine and Engine Components
  • Tooling Parts and Moulds
  • Wax Remediation
  • Bearings (Including Supply of Dry Ice for Shrink Fitting)
  • Landing and Runway Lights
  • Helicopter Decks (Bird Excrement Remediation)
To learn more about our Dry Ice Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting for Aerospace & Aviation businesses contact us at Eco-Genics