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Eco-Genics Ltd prides ourselves on the service we provide to customers in the tyre manufacturing industry where in the past the conventional method of cleaning moulds is Cheever cleaning with chemicals. This process is effective but is very time consuming and labour intensive.
The conventional process requires the following steps:
1. Removing the mould from the press
2. Transporting the mould to the cleaning area
3. Stripping the mould segments out of the carrier
4. Assembling the mould segments into the cleaning apparatus
5. 6hr cleaning process and removal
6. Re-assemble the mould into  its carrier
7. Take the mould back to the press and put on warm up approximately 3 or 4hrs
8. Calibrate and shim the press
9. 1st cure
10. 2nd cure
11. 3rd cure and then send to quality control to get clearance to run the press again.
All this can take between 24hrs and 32hrs depending on the mould, which results in loss of production which is very expensive to the company.
Eco-Genics dry ice blasting service
1. Receive the press number and set up equipment at the press
2. Open the press and allow access to the mould
3. Clean the mould in situ including  top and bottom sidewalls average time 1hr
4. Once cleaned place on warm up approximately 20minutes
5. No calibration, no shimming and no need for quality control before manufacturing again as the mould and carrier aspects has no change.
Total time last cure to first cure 1hr 30mins. Nearly no production time lost.
If a proper schedule is planned properly it can make money not just save money. Eco-Genics have put a planned schedule in place in this example and also a call out service if required at short notice. Quality, Efficiency and Safety are the 3 steps to good manufacturing and this is what Eco-Genics are striving to help companies achieve.
The collaboration between the client and contractor is very important as this is a continual improvement programme that is on-going.
Eco-Genics provide professional Complete Dry Ice and Dry Ice Blasting Services for more information Click here

Eco-Genics supply responsive Dry Ice Blast Cleaning of extrusion screws and extruder heads. Our key advantage is the ability to respond to the Clients at the shortest notice. Our capabilities and efficient service is paramount to our customers as it allows them to be able to plan at relatively short notice a strip and rebuild with minimal disruption to production.
Extrusion screws obviously vary in size and contaminant, the timescales of cleaning can be vastly different dependant on different circumstances. Some polymers and plastics can be brittle and are better dry ice cleaned whilst cold, others are better dry ice cleaned whilst hot. Our current customers that require our services now have a better gauge of when to order our services and how long it will take us to complete.
Eco-Genics have the resource and ability to respond 24hrs a day.
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