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Kindest Regards "Eddie Black, MD Eco-Genics"

Over the last few years Print Press Cleaning has been a very busy and important industry for Eco-Genics. Working with long established and well known names helps Eco-Genics further enhance the companies reputation for quality of service.
Cleaning Print Presses is a very good example and showcase for the Dry Ice Cleaning Process as there are numerous different components and settings to think about. Many companies still approach print presses with a point and blast mentality. Eco-Genics approach is more technical to ensure that there is no damage to the press and its components. This approach helps us fulfil a far superior deep clean of the print presses ensuring that future cleans are that much easier and cost efficient.
Eco-Genics are working on a couple clients projects where we have been entrusted to improve standards and the operators working environment. Giving operators and maintenance engineers a clean starting point has so many benefits such as:
Case Study 1
Comexi Press Cleaning
Eco-Genics were tasked with the deep cleaning of a Comexi Print Press that churned out over 5 Million mē of print each week. The task was to trial the speed and effectiveness of our process versus conventional chemical cleaning.
Conventional cleaning using chemicals is very time consuming and the results are not very high. Cosmetically chemicals can add to the problem and also decrease the overall cosmetic look of a print press with staining, especially in the framework. Other disadvantages of chemicals is that there are limitations of how far you can go with a clean and in particular a deep clean of heavily contaminated areas.
Dry ice blasting when utilised by properly trained and experienced staff can produce very high results in a very short period of time and if utilised within a well planned maintenance schedule the life of a press and its components can drastically increased.
Worth noting the client had some considerable concerns from a previous companies attempt to dry ice clean this particular Comexi Press.  The previous experience left the client with days of post clean up and also 3 days worth of repairs. The pressure was on to restore there faith in the dry ice cleaning process and also give them the confidence implement dry ice as a validated cleaning option.
Pre-Trial Concerns:
  1. Damage to air pipes and cables
  2. Spread of debris to surrounding equipment
  3. Effectiveness of the clean
  4. Sound and Noise Issues
  5. Time constraints and Cost
Post Trial Conclusion:
  1. No Damage to air pipes or cables
  2. Debris containment was fulfilled with complete enclosure of the press
  3. Effectiveness was plain to see thus deeming the process extremely effective and efficient
  4. Noise was difficult to contain without proper noise reduction curtains or enclosure. The controls put in place were mandatory hearing protection by anyone in the vicinity of the clean and there was also a minimum exclusion area.
  5. Eco-Genics worked shifts over a 24hr window of opportunity and considering that there was over 8 years of build up the standard achieved was a dramatic improvement
Post Trial Improvements:
Eco-Genics review of the trial was that improvements could be made and will be made on the next clean. In respect of improvements it was noted on this particular occasion, the areas where the thickest debris and contaminant was through up some particular spread concerns. The next clean further containment provisions will be required for the centre print drum. Even with the containment in place as the contaminant was considerable enough allowance in time for dust to settle is very important. The standard of the clean has emphasised that it is of paramount importance not let your press get to a state where the contamination build up increases the issue of containment in itself.


Comexi Print Press Before Dry Ice Cleaning

Comexi Print Press After Dry Ice Cleaning