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Eco-Genics are developing 2 new websites that will be ready soon. The 1st website is to update the format of our current and the 2nd website will be for our dry ice clients The current website will be active as long as possible. Look out for the new Ice Cool websites soon.
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Eco Genics: Dry Ice Blasting, Cleaning and Manufacturing

Cryogenic Blasting and Decontamination Solutions

 Winner of Scotlands "Most Innovative Business 2014"
Runner Up Scotlands "Best Performing Business 2014"

Eco-Genics offer Dry Ice Blasting and Dry Ice Cleaning Services to all types of businesses and industries Nationwide in the UK and Internationally. New to Eco Genics is our Dry Ice Sales and Maunfacturing service offering 3mm, 10mm and 16mm pellets.
To see our work in action please visit our videos page where you can get a good look at the type of dry ice cleaning service that we provide to all of our clients.
Dry Ice Blasting, also known as Cryogenic Blasting is a leading edge technology that uses Dry Ice Pellets to clean all types and types of surfaces and machinery. This alternative to conventional methods of contaminant removal is an economical and environmentally friendly way to remove debris or contaminants from any objects, structures or machinery.
We are experts in the field of Dry Ice Blasting and from our experience we know that some industries struggle to have their equipment restored or de-contaminated. Sometimes the only real way to have this done is to have the machinery taken off site, which is time consuming and expensive. Not any more, Eco-Genics are able to provide the cleaning solution to your problems, on your own site or in our workshop, saving you both time and money.
We strive to give the cleanest and most economical answer to contaminant and grime removal in the following industries:

Eco-Genics Dry Ice sales, service and contracting is tailored to your companies needs. The benefit of using our service means you will receive impartial dry ice blasting expert advice, that will mean you are getting value for money every time.
For further information on our wide range of cleaning services or to see how we can help you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the life span of your machinery, contact us today at Eco-Genics, Ice Cool Industrial Solutions.
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