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Eco-Genics are developing 2 new websites that will be ready soon. The 1st website is to update the format of our current and the 2nd website will be for our dry ice clients The current website will be active as long as possible. Look out for the new Ice Cool websites soon.
Kindest Regards "Eddie Black, MD Eco-Genics"

JUNE 2013
Successful Restoration:
Eco-Genics took on the whole project on behalf of our clients, works including Off Site Blasting and Powder Coating of all guards including sand casings and regular machinery guards. The rest of the facelift was done on site with services such as 316 Stainless cladding of the structure and blasting and repaint work of all fixed mechanical casings.

 The work was requested so the 59yr old dough machine would not look out of place with a new multi million pound dough production line that's being fitted by the customer. Although the new line is state of the art, the old machine is still the main feed and is as say built to last the test of time. The blend of new and old looks fantastic.
To my team and the customer: Well done and congratulations on achieving the excellent results.
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Eco-Genics have been involved in a recent project that has huge saving potential for a food manufacturing company; the company has a number of manufacturing sites which could benefit. The project was a pilot and was a combination of Eco-Genics and ERIKS Integrated Services putting together a solution. The pilot was extremely successful and the potential savings that could be made will be massive.
The pilot project involved high value industrial oven bands. Until we provided a dry ice cleaning solution the bands were run until unusable and then scrapped. This is inefficient and not cost effective as some of these bands are valued between 18k and 90k+ so to find a solution to clean these bands was of paramount importance for ERIKS Integrated Solutions as Site Service Managers.

The online cleaning takes around 24hrs of time but can been done in campaigns. The savings are made in the following:
 No high cost replacement of the bands
 You save in labour intensive time of stripping out and fitting new bands
 Product quality will be dramatically improved and maintained
 The life of the bands is increased dramatically
If implemented on one site or over a few sites this project is another classic example of how a well-structured maintenance schedule can save huge amounts of money and time. It also keeps product quality high and reduces downtime.
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