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Dry Ice Versus Water Ice
Eco-Genics recently completed a cleaning application for a very high profile gourmet food producer and supplier. Our Client intrusted Eco-Genics with a task that was very far removed from Eco-Genics normal application remit. Please read on to discover the key challenges and the benefits resulting in the fight against the common enemy of slips, trips and falls.
Description of the task at hand:
The priority task was to eliminate the risk of operatives being injured upon entry to the cold store which was covered in heavily compacted water ice resulting in an increased possibility of slips, trips and falls. The main areas being point of entry to the cold store and where there was a heavy footfall. Following an initial comparison trial and the client satisfied to proceed, our operatives set about removing the build up in a systematic process moving from point A to point B with very little resistance from the build up. The areas directly under the cold store blowers was more time consuming as this was where the water ice was most compacted. After blasting was undertaken it was identified there was a fine dust created which was easily swept up and removed. Eco-Genics showed once again that due to our professionalism and can do attitude the battle was won and the scope of the services we can provide has increased as a result. Conditions were problematic due to the cold temperatures and back breaking work but these were no match for our hardy operatives who got the job done and left the client with a safer and cleaner environment in which to conduct their business.
Benefits gained:
  • Another satisfied Eco-Genics client.
  • Reduced Risk of slips, trips and falls.
  • The added benefit of labels, scuffs, marks and stains being removed from the floor as a result of blasting.
  • Further confidence in Eco-Genics to provide the service in ever challenging conditions.
  • A better understanding of the effects of Dry Ice on Water Ice.
  • Innovations and ideas that Eco-Genics can take forward in subsequent cold store and floor cleans.
  • An increased awareness of the importance in cleaning floors in the Food Processing and Food Production industry.
Job Conclusion:
Eco-Genics completed the job well within the timescale set and in a safe and professional fashion, The client was immensely pleased with the results and safe in the knowledge that they had taken the correct steps to reduce the risk of injury to their employees. This job has further cemented our relations with the client and proved Eco-Genics can take on any challenge that is thrown at us as a responsive cleaning company. It has also taught Eco-Genics keeping in mind our philosophy of continuous improvement that we now have to look at devising a system that will reduce operator fatigue.
Eco-Genics are looking at ways of integrating this unique dry ice blast cleaning service into fully functioning food processing environments as part of scheduled cleaning. This will not only enhance our customers overall cosmetic look, but it will be a pivotal service that can be included in our clients customer audit situations, which we know can be worth
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