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The Process of Dry Ice Blasting and Cleaning from

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What is Dry Ice Blasting and how does it clean? 
Dry Ice Blasting is a form of non-abrasive blasting, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it.
Dry Ice Blasting is unlike conventional methods of blasting such as sand blasting, bead blasting or soda as it does not generate any secondary waste.
Dry Ice Blasting involves propelling pellets at extremely high speeds. The actual dry ice pellets are quite soft, and much less dense than other media used in blasting-cleaning (i.e. sand or plastic pellets). Upon impact, the pellet sublimates almost immediately, transferring energy to the surface on impact removing the top layer of dirt and grime. The sublimation process absorbs a large volume of heat from the surface, producing shear stresses due to thermal shock. This improves cleaning as the top layer of dirt or contaminant is expected to transfer more heat than the underlying substrate and flake off easier.
 Dry Ice Cleaning Mixer Vessel
Can Dry Ice Blasting replace Steam or Water Blasting?

Steam and Water Blasting has its place in the cleaning industry, but Dry Ice Blasting may be a better alternative for you:
    • This is a dry process - electrical parts and generators can be immediately put back into service used without waiting to dry.
    • Radioactive contaminate removal doesn't require large storage containers for contaminated water.
    • Mildew and mold removal are far more complete with less chance of regeneration because there is no water vapor or moisture.
    • Dry ice blasting removes more algae, sea slime, and mussels on boat hulls, better than water blasting, which allows the organic matter to reattach sooner.
Dry Ice Cleaning is an Environmentally Friendly Process
    • Replaces many environmentally damaging solvents
    • Since dry ice evaporates completely as a gas it leaves no waste. Only the material being removed must be disposed of.
    • When dry ice blasting replaces hazardous chemical cleaners the disposal cost of that chemical is eliminated.
Dry Ice Cleaning is Safe and Reliable
    • Protects surface integrity and avoids grit entrapment, making it an effective alternative to abrasive grit blasting.
    • No residue or secondary waste to clean, so you can use it with food processing equipment.
    • Eliminating toxic chemicals and harmful emissions makes dry ice blast blasting environmentally safe, and it reduces employee health risks.
    • Non-flammable
    • Non-explosive
    • Non-abrasive
Dry Ice Cleaning is Economical
    • Dry ice is readily available
    • Eliminates cleanup costs resulting from toxic chemicals or gritty cleaning
    • Reduces the labor costs of manual maintenance
    • Slashes or eliminates waste disposal costs
    • Lets you bring cleaning equipment on-site, further reducing your costs
Dry Ice Cleaning will Improve your Productivity
    • Can extend equipment and machinery life
    • Increases equipment operating availability
    • Eliminates equipment disassembly and masking before cleaning
    • Reduces cleaning time which also lowers costs 
If you would like to know more about our Dry Ice Blasting services at Eco Genics contact us direct for more information on how we can help you to save money and time during your the cleaning process of your workplace, equipment, machinery and surfaces.